Springtime Data Collection in Delaware

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Springtime Data Collection in Delaware

Springtime data collection is blooming! It is the perfect opportunity to enhance pavement management efforts. With the IrisPRO Pave, transportation agencies, like the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), can streamline data collection processes, ensuring accurate and repeatable data insights into pavement conditions across the state’s road network.

Just in time for springtime in Delaware, there are numerous advantages to harnessing the power of the innovative IrisPRO Pave system, some of them include:

Efficient Data Collection: The system simplifies the collection process, saving time and resources for crews as they navigate Delaware’s roads.

Precision & Accuracy: IrisPRO Pave guarantees precise and reliable data collection, vital for maintaining the integrity of DelDOT’s pavement management systems.

Scalable Solutions: Whether it is a small network or extensive miles (or kilometers) of roadway, ICC-IMS offers scalable solutions tailored to agency needs.

Don’t let springtime maintenance plans be delayed by demanding data collection processes. Embrace the power of the IrisPRO Pave and improve your agency’s infrastructure planning today!

Could your agency use a big-picture view of your roadway network? Get in touch and learn how ICC-IMS can support your roadway network vision today! Visit icc-ims.com for details.

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